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Proposed Shopping Mall and Event Center

This stunning commercial design gracefully situates itself in the local environment adapting itself to the time while enveloping itself in timeless elegance. Adapting the concept of Neo-Futurism, this design implements a judicious use of technological advances: lifts, motorized curtain wall systems, and simulation technology for proper site adaptation. It features the use of diagonal lines with sharp edges, asymmetry, and hexagonal patterns both for the floor plans and elevation elements to envision a sense of dynamic motion and energy that resonates with the primary purpose of the building. The integration of technological advances in the design process allowed the building to take the unbalanced trapezoidal shape of the site and effectively utilize the spaces to achieve the intent of the project. To accommodate the users of the spaces, the ground floor was partially converted to a garage of 44-car capacity. The use of futuristic materials: concrete, steel, and glass in the building structure to the use of operable curtain wall systems shaded with hexagonal metal panels, to the integration of a waffle slab structure to allow for easy flexibility of space and to accommodate expected load gain from each floor to the use of light and dark finishes is used to create a contrast and strike a balance between the fast-paced characteristic of life and the sense of wellbeing of man. This design envisages the purpose of every architect, ‘Creating a space that breathes in every face of time’.


Proposed Shopping Mall and Event Center


Neo-futurism, Timeless, User Experience

Principal use


Site Area:


Built Area:


No of Floors:

5 floors


Security/ Gen House

12 car parks

Green Areas

On the Ground Floor:

44 car parks

Facility Manager’s Office

Control room


Access Hall (Staircase + Elevator)

On the First Floor:



Multipurpose Hall

Storage rooms

Male and Female Restrooms

Panel room

Control room

Secondary Staircase and Lift

On the Second floor:

Shopping Hall

Information Space


Food Court

7 Office /Shop Spaces

Male and Female Restrooms

On the Third Floor:

Mini Sports Hall featuring Gym, Locker rooms (Male and female), and Sports Shop

3 Premium Office/ Shop Spaces

Saloon and Spa Hall

Food Court 

On the Fourth Floor:



Club and Bar Lounge

Staff room

Storage Spaces


Male and Female Restrooms

Outdoor Restaurant

Rooftop Lounge and Swimming Pool

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