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Proposed Hotel Suites Development

This design was done to effectively accommodate the needs of guests in a hotel providing them with exclusive access to health and wellness spaces, shopping spaces, and spaces for social and corporate meetings whilst integrating standard-sized ensuite rooms, and outdoor recreational areas for a holistic experience. The design process sought to blend modern elements and traditional elements through the use of technology to subtly introduce man to his environment. Making use of dark natural wood materials against the beige ceiling finishes and bare white concrete walls to create a contrast scheme that elicits a sense of modernist luxury. The balconies which feature floor-to-ceiling windows are recessed to protect the interior spaces from excessive sun glare whilst giving guests a platonic view of the lush landscape surrounding the site. What makes a hotel a destination spot for tourists, visitors or even business investors is not just the use of highly decorative elements or provision of VIP services but taking into consideration the behavioral psychology of the end users and designing a functional spatial flow that allows for easy navigation of spaces and adding elements that are functional and aesthetic making the hotel a cultural asset that creates a lasting memory all while utilizing tight site and budget constraints. This is what this project symbolizes.


Proposed Hotel Suites Development


Modernist-Luxury, Health and Wellness, Timeless

Principal use


Site Area:


Built Area:


No of Floors:

4 floors plus a pent floor


Security/ Gen House

Car parks

Outdoor Pool Area

On the Ground Floor:

Reception Hall

Lounge Area

Access Hall (Staircase and Elevator)

Service Stairs





Admin Offices

Conference Hall



On the First Floor:

13-bedroom ensuite with private balconies

Maintenance room

On the second and third floors:

15-bedroom ensuite with private balconies

Maintenance room

On the Pent floor:

Indoor Lounge Areas


Wine Store

Outdoor Lounge Areas

Outdoor Pool Area

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