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5-star Deluxe Hotel Suites Design

This is a bespoke design that embodies the very nature of opulence. Situated on a site that has a 38m meandering path from the entrance of the site to the hotel, the site entrance path is designed with deciduous trees to give one a gentle introduction to the lavish structure giving definition to the phrase: ‘light at the end of the path’. Influenced by an Afrocentric style defined by modern techniques, the design features a mat-inspired metal mesh over the north-facing curtain wall system reducing the sun’s glare while introducing maximum light filtered to slit patterns in the spaces giving the user a local natural experience in an urban context. This also evokes the health and wellness of the users. To achieve the 5-star rating, luxury finishes, furnishings, and bespoke services were thoughtfully designed and integrated into the spatial planning to be easily accessible to the users on each floor. These bespoke services: spaces for a professional culinary experience, a conference hall, saloon and spa rooms, indoor and outdoor VIP lounges, a game room, a gym, luxury maisonette suites, and adequate maintenance and admin spaces to ensure accessible sustainable services for guests. It is simply a destination for luxury.



5-Star Deluxe Hotel Suites Design



Afrocentric, Luxury, User experience


Principal use



Site Area:



Built Area:



No of Floors:

5 floors


Security/ Gen House

20 Car park

Outdoor Pool Area


On the Ground Floor:


Lounge Area

Pool bar and Lounge

Pool changing room

Access Hall (Staircase and Elevator)

Service Stairs





Admin Offices

Conference Hall


Guest Restrooms


On the First Floor:


7 Rooms ensuite

2 Deluxe Room suite with private lounge

Games room and wine bar


Saloon and Spa


On the Second floor:

4 Deluxe Suites with Lounge Areas

7 Rooms ensuite


On the Third floor:

6 Rooms ensuite


On the Pent-floor:

3 maisonette suites featuring lounge and kitchenette on the third floor and one bedroom ensuite on the fourth floor

3 Pent-floor Suites with Lounge Areas


Outdoor Lounge Areas

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