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Groceries Store Design

This project seeks to create a seamless experience for the customers who will be using the spaces by ensuring spatial planning that allows for easy navigation through the aisles down to the checkout counters, integrating adequate storage and admin offices for easy services and maintenance operations. The tight site constraints were efficiently utilized by opening two gates for the entrance and exit ensuring easy navigation of vehicles and ensuring proper setbacks. The form of the building draws it concept from a shopping basket.  The grid form of a modern shopping basket is used as the mullion arrangement for the curtain walls and the cladding for the exterior walls whilst the raffia designs of a traditional shopping basket were used to introduce horizontal and vertical louver systems placed over the north-facing curtain walls to reduce sun glare. It uses a steel beam and column structural system to allow for column-free floors which will allow spaces to have a flexible layout. From the use of ventilation lobbies to stone wall finishes to recessed glazed curtain wall systems to guest toilets to the use of shopping symbols, old concrete forms, and natural materials to blend contemporary and traditional elements, this project is truly a destination for anyone seeking a wholesome neighborhood shopping experience.


Groceries Store Design


User Experience, Adaptability, Resilience

Principal use


Site Area:


Built Area:


Green Area:


No of Floors:

2 floors


Security/ Gen House

Car park 

On the Ground Floor:

Shopping Hall (191m2)


2 Staircase Halls

On the First Floor:


2 Open Office Spaces (avg. 50m2 each)

Server rooms


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