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Luxury 4 Bedroom Duplex with a penthouse suite

A family can only be settled and grow closer in an environment that they can call home. This home must be one which offers a serene environment that fosters love and care while protecting each person’s individuality. A family home is a building that allows its users to create memories that they will keep in their hearts forever. Every space, module, arrangement was designed to instill an environment that will help a family grow together. In order to care for the progressive nature of the users as they grow, two rooms were placed on the ground floor. To design for sustainability, the roof was designed with rain collection pipes for recycling, introduction of solar panels and adequate window openings was implemented to ensure adequate natural daylight and ventilation. In order to aid in the children’s development and wellness a laundry and box room was designed in between the children’s rooms. The penthouse was designed to give the head of the house a stunning 360 view of his property. The landscape was designed with custom greenery, tropical trees and natural stone slabs for the car parks and walkway. Luxury and style finish was implemented through the use of wood panels, Italian kitchen countertops, slab cabinets, spacious rooms and stone walls to complement the family’s comfort. It is a dream home.


Luxury 4 Bedroom Duplex with a penthouse suite


Neo-Classical, Contemporary, Opulence, Sustainability

Principal use


Site area

403.003 sqm

Built area

176.230 sqm

No of Floors

2 plus pent floor


4 Car parks

Total of 5 bedroom en suite with custom wardrobe cabinets, W/C, and private balconies

On the Ground floor:

Anteroom with Guest toilet

Guest bedroom ensuite

Maid’s room ensuite

Kitchen with inbuilt custom wood slab cabinet, store, and mini dining

Staircase Hall

Main lounge

Dining room

On the First Floor:

3 bedrooms ensuite with private balconies


Box room

Family lounge

On the Pent Floor:

Master’s bedroom en suite with walk-in-closet, private balcony

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