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Portable Apartment Flats

 This is a great financial investment for a plot of land (approx. 660sqm) featuring 7 self-contained apartment units with two staircase Halls and a lift for ease of accessibility. To ensure the provision of adequate parking spaces, the ground floor was partially converted to a 6-car garage. Plumbing ducts are integrated to provide easy access to plumbing systems for easy maintenance and provide air flow to plumbing fixtures. Solar shading devices were provided over floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in maximum natural lighting and ventilation while reducing the increase in thermal gain. The façade features contemporary and luxury finishes from beveled concrete forms that act as solar shades to cantilevered concrete slabs with wooden marble tile finishes to embody the modern taste of the users. This is the solution for delivering low cost housing development with class and quality.


Portable Apartment Flats


Contemporary, Simplicity, Portable Design

Principal use:


Site area:


Built area:


No of Floors:

4 floors



Security/ Gen House

8-Car Garage

8 apartment units comprising of 3-bedroom en suite with custom wardrobe cabinets, and W/C each

2 General Staircase Halls



In each unit:

Guest toilet

2 bedroom en suite

Kitchen with inbuilt custom wood slab cabinet, and store

Main lounge



Master’s bedroom en suite

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