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Contemporary Villa Design with a Musalla

Adopting the rich techniques and elements of the Northern culture, this project encapsulates a design process that thematically blends comfortable-sized spaces, biophilic design elements, eco-friendly materials, and finishes that support the health and wellness of the users. Sustainable techniques with respect to northern design elements are implemented through the use of smaller window openings at the north side of the building to bring in cooled compressed air into the building while eliminating the entry of dust particles, large floor-to-ceiling windows at the south side in order to bring in stunning views of the environment and use of stabilized rammed earth bricks to improve the thermal comfort of the building. The façade of the musalla adopts an Arabic mesh pattern that symbolizes the infinite nature of the universe and the possibility of endless expansions.


Contemporary Villa Design with a Musalla


 Contemporary, Opulence, Sustainability

Principal use


Site area

884.687 sqm

Built area

313.732 sqm

No of Floors

3 floors



4 Car parks

Security and Gen House

57m2 Musalla

Swimming Pool

Total of 4 bedroom en suite with custom wardrobe cabinets, W/C, and private balconies



On the Ground floor:

Anteroom with Guest toilet

Guest bedroom ensuite

Kitchen with inbuilt custom wood slab cabinet, store, and laundry

Staircase Hall

Main lounge

Large Dining room


On the First Floor:

3 bedrooms ensuite with private balconies

Master’s bedroom en suite with walk-in-closet, private balcony

Family lounge


On the Second Floor:


Home Office


Outdoor Deck

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