If you’re looking to invest in real estates while having your money generate annual revenue, owning a commercial building might just be the real deal.

A commercial building could contain one or more of many types of businesses, including shopping malls, hotels, offices, restaurants, gym, garage, and what have you.

In this blog, we explore some luxury commercial building designs and ideas you can invest in, in Nigeria.


What is a Commercial Building? Commercial buildings are buildings where commercial activities take place. Commercial buildings include hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, retail space, warehouses and more. This differs somewhat from commercial property, which also includes multi-family buildings like apartment buildings. While commercial property earns money for its owners but doesn’t necessarily have commerce happening in it; commercial buildings on the other hand, are where commerce happen.

Luxury Commercial Buildings Designs In Nigeria

  1. Hotels

Hotels are commercial establishments that provide short term accommodation, meals and other services for guests, travelers and tourists.

Because hotels are more of a commercial business than just renting apartments, and the turnover is usually faster, they are generally considered commercial. (buy hotel floor plans here)

Some hotels are small, while others are skyscrapers with other businesses inside them like restaurants and retail.

  1. Plaza/ Shopping Mall

 A shopping mall is a large indoor shopping center usually anchored by department stores. It is a specially built covered area containing shops, restaurants, and  which people can walk between, and where cars are not allowed. A shopping mall can be a single business privately run by the owner(s) like supermarkets or leased to multiple products and service retailers like cinema, game house,  and or restaurant. (Click to buy plaza shopping mall floor plan)

  1. Healthcare Buildings

 Healthcare buildings establishments where patients are admitted for examination and treatment by one or more physician, dentists, psychologists, or other medical practitioners. These buildings can be privately owned or government owned.Healthcare may not seem like a commercial business, but many hospitals and clinics are commercial enterprises aimed at earning money and serving customers, which in healthcare are called patients. Because of this, healthcare facilities are considered a type of commercial building. This can range from large hospital campuses to small clinics. The larger hospital buildings are usually owned. There are a lot of specialist clinics or hospitals in Nigeria today. Check out our healthcare building floor plans.

  1. Restaurants/ Lounge Bar & Club

 These are other common types of commercial building. Becoming a lounge or nightclub owner is a dream for entrepreneurs who enjoy the combination of nightlife, business and hospitality. Aside from the huge demand for alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks in Nigeria as a form of relaxation, there are also foods like pepper soup, asun, roasted fish, suya, barbecue, etc, that are in high demand in bars. In Nigeria, restaurant/Lounge and bar business is quite lucrative. (Click to buy Restaurants/Lounge Bar & Club floor plan)

  1. Event Center

An event center is a building, a group of building or a structure that is designed or configured to be adaptable in providing venues that can accommodate various events such as wedding reception, business submits, musical concerts, theater performance, trade shows, sporting events, conventions, conferences and other social, cultural , business or entertainment events. (Click to buy Event Center floor plan)


  1. Office Building/ Multi-Purpose Complex

Office buildings are a common type of commercial building that can be found in cities and even towns of any size, depending on the needs of the community. An office building might be only one story or it might be a skyscraper, depending on where it’s located and how much the developer wants to invest into it. The owner of an office building might have offices within it, or they might rent out the entire building.

A multi-use commercial building is one that has a variety of tenants. These tenants might include restaurants, retailers, offices and even health care facilities. Multi-use buildings can be a good investment for developers as they don’t rely on any one specific type of business, which can offer some security.

It’s important to understand commercial buildings for a variety of professionals. If you plan to start your own business and will need a physical location, you’ll want to know what types of commercial buildings you could operate out of and how local zoning laws might affect your business. If you are working in real estate, you’ll want to know the differences between residential and commercial buildings to be able to assist your customers effectively.

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