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Modern Gate Designs in Nigeria

Gates can be used to beautify your home and can give your home a luxurious look. It serves as Gates can be used to beautify your home and can give your home a luxurious look. It serves as access control and design features. control and design features. Gates have many uses, from security at the access point to clear driveways. In this blog post, you will see the different types of gate designs and you can install any of them based on your style and your choice. You should also take into consideration your budget, which also depends on the materials used in creating the gate. Here are the types of gate designs in Nigeria.

Types of Gate Designs in Nigeria

  1. Automaticgates

As the name implies, an automatic gate installation will grant entry and exit to a person without requiring manual or physical intervention. There are sensors attached to the gates and your proximity to the sensors will trigger a pre- programmed action from the gate.

The thoughtful invention was made by Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt in 1954, after noting the difficulty people encountered while attempting to open heavy doors. In 1960, the first installation was done, and this invention has seen various improvements as the years go by.

Currently, there is the use of fast motors which increase the speed at which the gates open and close.

Components of an automatic gate

 There are two basic components of an automatic gate. The gate itself, and the gate opener.

The Gate:

This is the actual component being automated. It is the most prominent component because, without it, there will be no automation.

The gate operator:

These components ensure the unobstructed automatic operation of the gate. They are the electronic elements that help in the actual automation of the gate. There are various elements integrated for a particular purpose. They are also electrically powered and can be driven by chain, gear, or hydraulic.

2.Giant gatedesign


This type of gate can be found mostly in museums, parks, estates, cathedrals, villas, gardens, and houses such as mansions. A giant gate design can hide your home from prying eyes and can also give your home an appealing look.

3. Ornamental gatedesign


Do you enjoy making decorative appeals for your guests? Then the ornamental gate design is for you. Components used in making this gate include wall thickness which is very important if this gate is expected to serve its security purpose. Ornamental gate design is made of aluminum or steel. They are usually made from either steel or aluminium. Precise dimensions of the components utilised by the manufacturer including wall thickness of the components are of utmost important if strength and security are expected from an ornamental gate. In order to give an attractive and impressive look, you need to install gates with good designs that suit your building.

4. FencedGate Design

Fenced gates are gates that usually blend in style with the rest of a fence and landscape. One can literarily see through this type of gate design. It is rapidly becoming a popular Nigerian gate design. This type of gate design is usually advised for only secured areas with little or no crime rate.

5. Steel GateDesign

Steel Gates are the best option when security is concerned. Steel gates can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also offer additional benefits of protection and security because they are usually solid and unyielding.

6. Aluminum GateDesign

Aluminium Gates have the strong attribute of being resistant to rusting. If a gate is to be located in a highly corrosive environment, such as one that is exposed to salt water, aluminium is the best option.

Gates also beautify your homes and for that reason, you have to choose a gate design that suits your style. The design, size, and shape of a gate depend on the architectural design the building has and also the functions of the building.

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