The sanctuary and true attachment we  create with our homes is like relationships built with people we call our connect (family and friends). A home is no more just a resting place where we come back to crash after a long day of work. It has become our entertainment zone, secret safe, resting haven and much more

In today’s blog post, we’ll be learning, in no particular order, 5 factors to consider before building your dream home.


Here are some factors to consider before building your dream house.

Factors to Consider Before Building A House

  1. Planning

Planing is very key as it involves deciding in advance what to do, how to do what, when to do what, and who should do what. It is a management process and so needs the services of professionals. Here are some guidelines as to setting a good plan:

  • Get yourself a team of professionals

Of course, you want your dream home to be successfully built. That said, consider getting the services of a good home builder. Whether you choose to buy a house plan from or book the services of an architect to design your house, you’ll need the services of an architect and a construction engineer to build your house. After all, an experienced one will always be worth the money you spend on their services. With their expertise and skills, you’ll save money, time and stress that you might have utilized to improve the work of a poor workforce. Find professional home builders here

  • Get your building approval

Getting all approvals from the government and other local authorities is a crucial step in the process. Before building anything, you need to file several construction applications to make sure you follow all the building rules and regulations of the place where you wish to build your house. If you don’t comply or don’t have a successful application, the local authorities might demand a change or removal of what you build.

Check out our blog on ‘steps to get your building plan approval’ or book the services of a professional architect ( to help you through this process since they’re quite experienced in this.

  • Building Materials

This phase can be made less stressful if you engage the services of a team. The quality and quantity of the building materials are accounted for by your home builder. The payment of their services are less when compared to general expenditures as a construction newbie and homeowner. They’re good in getting a team to handle survey and procurement of best materials that suit your house plan.

  1. Budget

A budget expresses intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them with resources. If you’re looking to have a successful construction project, it’s essential to have a your budget planned out. As you’ll need to spend millions when building your own home, you should come up with a spending strategy to save yourself from dealing with over payments and other unforeseen expenses.

  1. Location

Location is one of the cardinal factors you should take note of when constructing your dream house. After all, you need a piece of land on which your new home will be set up. In Nigeria, location affects the costs of plot/land. Before buying property, make sure the location is the right one for you. Consider the place’s security as well as the accessibility to facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, social service facilities, and what have you. Doing so will make your life in that area more comfortable and secure. See our next post on ‘Important things to look out for while investing in real estate and lands’ for more information on choosing the best location for your dream home.

  1. Plot/ Land Size

For prospective property owners in Nigeria, it is important to think ahead and consider the future when making a land purchase.  The size of the site should be able to give room for future extension and the shape should be even and devoid of any sharp corners. The ideal lot should accommodate any prospective plans of expansion – one must ensure the chosen environment allows space for gardens, garages, or other constructions you may wish to build later on. If you’re buying a plot from a contractor, you’ll likely pay more for a larger lot.

  1. Type of House

Considering the type and size of house you want is quite important. This is because this decision affects your budget as the cost for building a bungalow is different from that of a duplex. You also need to take into account the size of the house to determine the number of rooms you wish to have. If you have a big happy family, having several rooms might meet your needs. Check out my last blog for house types or visit for contemporary luxury house designs

Building a dream house might be expensive and time-consuming. However, it also comes with great benefits as it gives you the opportunity to personalize your house in a way that it fits your lifestyle and budget. Get amazing house plans at discounted prices from

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